“Blue Steel.” More than a look.

Ben Stiller’s famous “blue steel” look from the movie Zoolander is a classic. Now let Ideal introduce you to a new, colorful classic with the innovative Catwalk line from @versteel, a delightful way to add functional, and ooh so fasionable color to your workspace. 

Featuring the durability that is the highlight of the Versteel line, Catwalk can be configured to approach from any angle and accommodate a variety of postures and purposes.

Versteel has more to say about how it works. “This multiple-height modular seating system has ledges positioned perfectly for relaxed leaning and sitting, productivity, or comfort and privacy. Power options assist in maintaining connectivity. Set up is easy and tool-free with Versteel’s innovative Cat’s Paw linking bracket.” 

Catwalk is ready for a close-up right now at Ideal.